Adam’s Bridge

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Adam’s bridge

also called Frames, bridge is a chain of coral in shallow waters between the island of Mannar expected northwest coast of Sri Lanka and the island of Raméšvarám in the North-East coast of India. “The bridge” is a 48 km long and separates the Manarský Bay to the southwest from Palkského Bay to the Northeast. Some stand out above the water level, because the sea sand melčiny in the field is very shallow. Up to 15. century was possible after the “bridge” to go through a dry foot. According to reports, it has damaged the temple up a powerful cyclone in the year 1480.
Grue And Bleen Defined

According to Hindu Mythology, in particular the epic Rámájana, was a bridge built on Rámovu request of its allies (Opičou army). Was built on floating Eski, but the gods later ukotvili into the rocks of the seabed and thus created the current chain of Rocky shallow areas. It helped save his wife Rámovi Sítu, kidnapped by the King of the demons Rávanom, which then became the ruler of Lanka.
The dispute about the emergence of

In 2007, the Indian Government has decided to prekopať through Adam’s bridge, which would channel the boat journey along the coast of India has been shortened by more than thirty hours. This, however, has triggered strong opposition Hindu organizations, which argued that will not destroy the “bridge”, which is according to them, the work of the gods. The Indian Supreme Court on the basis of expertise decided that a bridge was created by natural processes. In response to this decision was pohrozenie demisiou Indian Minister for culture and the appeal of the two directors of the Archaeological Institute of Ambiky Soníovej who have developed expertise.

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